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For years, as an editor, Breath of Fresh Air Press owner, Deb Porter, hated telling people that their heartfelt and hard won testimonies had very little publishing potential without an author platform to build on. She knew it wasn’t fair, but for most publishers it was a reality.

Then God used a chapter from one woman’s book to change all that.

It was while Deb was preparing critiques for her one-on-one sessions with authors at the 2013 FaithWriters Conference. She was about to type the same “no platform equals low potential” comment on a breast cancer survivor’s testimony, when she stopped mid-sentence. Suddenly she was struck by the realisation that this should not be the case. Although the author was just starting out, Deb could see how her testimony would be an encouragement to women going through the same battle.

At that moment, Deb saw how ridiculous it was to use “fame” as a publishing potential determiner when it came to testimonies of God’s amazing power and grace in an individual’s life. The same God who worked dramatically in the lives of these people is the same God who will use their testimonies for His glory.

That revelation was the spark for My Story . . . His Glory books. Real stories, by real people, written in a novelized form.

If you have written a book about your testimony, we would like to hear from you. Please send a query letter, brief synopsis, and sample chapter (only—PLEASE, do not send full manuscript) to:

My Story Submissions
Breath of Fresh Air Press
PO Box 12
St Clair  NSW  2759.


Send us a brief message via our contact page.
We will reply with our email address.

Famous people need not apply.

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