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Are You a Breath of Fresh Air Writer?

Breath of Fresh Air Press loves being able to encourage writers, and the great news is that there are quite a few ways to be discovered.

And you don’t need to wait for us to find you scribbling notes while you jerk sodas or pump gas (does anyone do that anymore?). We just need to see you doing what you do best.

Sure, you are probably saying. Like as if that’s going to happen to me. 

Tsk, tsk! That doesn’t sound like breath of fresh air talk at all. You may be surprised to know how many talented, potential-laden writers we notice each week. Some have been writing for years, and some are the newbiest newbies around.

Although we can’t guarantee a publishing contract, there are definitely ways you can give us a wave and show us your stuff.

For example, our favourite comedian, Timmy Boyle, was discovered in the Writing Challenge at Breath of Fresh Air Press owner, Deb Porter, is also the Writing Challenge Coordinator, and she fell in love with Timmy’s writing from the moment she read his first entry. (Deb is a sucker for clean humour. Make her laugh, and you’re halfway there.) Deb invited Timmy to perform at a FaithWriters Conference, and the rest is history. Timmy’s first book, Inside Timmy’s Mind, was our first release.

So, where will you be discovered? If your writing is a breath of fresh air, then we want to find you, too! Explore the four options below to find your perfect fit.




Are you a Breath of Fresh Air writer?


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