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Breath of Fresh Air Press is an Australian publisher of encouraging, inspiring, fun fiction and non-fiction for the Christian market. Not too heavy, not too light, Breath of Fresh Air books are just right. Being a “breath of fresh air” is not about being the same as everyone else. It’s about breathing life into dry and dusty situations and seeing things in a slightly different way.

As our name implies, the last thing we want to do is create more cookie-cutter books for Christian readers. So you probably won’t ever find a Breath of Fresh Air book about Amish life (unless it’s Amish life set in the year 2525 . . . now that could be interesting), or see any of our covers with women standing in fields (seriously, what’s the deal with women and wheat?).

And, shock! horror! there may not even be an evangelistic message in our fiction (wait a moment while you pick yourself up off the floor), at least, not unless a story line naturally leads in that direction.

Instead of preaching to the choir, we want to encourage the choir and leave them singing better than before. Our goal is to provide enjoyable fiction and non-fiction for Christian readers, while keeping the door open for non-Christians as well. A Breath of Fresh Air Press book will often be funny, sometimes serious, quite often moving, and hopefully, always uplifting, grace-filled and encouraging. Most important of all, it will feel real. A breath of fresh air in a very dry and dusty world.

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