Timmy Speaks

I’ve been on the Timmy Boyle bandwagon for a few years now. Quite simply, he makes me laugh—and not just me. I’ve seen him leave an audience in tears (the good kind) and clutching their tummies in pain (from laughing so hard)—not just once, but at the last three FaithWriters conferences.

Have to admit, I made the mistake one year of having Timmy lead a workshop at the same time as one I was leading. To be honest, I was amazed anyone came to mine (a few did, bless their hearts . . . probably out of pity), but the laughter coming through the walls made us all want to run next door and join in the fun. Timmy’s humour is like that. It pulls you in and leaves you feeling good. Clean comedy that everyone can enjoy.

But what makes Timmy tick? Jason Neil Soto on the Comments on Christianity blog was brave enough to dig a little deeper into Timmy’s mind, and the result is this very insightful audio interview:

God Laughs—Interview with Comedian Timmy Boyle

It’s a great interview with my favourite Canadian. Thank you to Jason and Comments on Christianity for permission to share this with you.

Don’t forget, Timmy’s new book, Inside Timmy’s Mind, is available to buy in our bookstore.

Hope you’ll take the time to listen to this excellent interview and go a little deeper into Timmy’s mind.