Now Everyone Can Get Inside Timmy’s Mind

It was my daughter’s 29th birthday on May 1 (happy birthday, Kylie!), but she now shares that birthday with my other “baby” the first Breath of Fresh Air book, Inside Timmy’s Mind. And what a bouncing “baby” book it is.

I had been expecting the arrival of these first copies any day, but after spending a wonderful day out with Kylie for her birthday, I was a little disappointed when there wasn’t a parcel of books at the front door when we arrived home.

Then I realised my husband Steve was home before me. Hope soared. Maybe the books had been delivered after all. Perhaps they were, right at that moment, sitting on the kitchen counter or in my office.

But, alas and alack, no. (Pause for sympathy.)

With a big sigh, I told myself to get over it. The books would arrive soon enough, although it would have been nice to have had them that afternoon so I could give one  to Kylie as an extra special birthday gift.

So I grabbed two cans of Pepsi Max from the fridge (Kylie and I love our “fizzy feel-good”) and waited for Steve to join us at the kitchen table (for the birthday gift giving to begin). That’s when he called out to me from the bedroom (where he was getting dressed). “Deb, there are a couple of letters for Kylie in Matthew’s room. Could you get them for her?”

(Both our children are long gone from home, but their rooms will forever be referred to by their names.)

Well, there weren’t any letters for Kylie, but I’m sure you’ve already guessed what was waiting for me in Matthew’s room. Two little parcels from the printer. Inside Timmy’s Mind had arrived.

Let me tell you, my hands were shaking as I opened the first package.

Would the book look okay?

Would all the type be where it was supposed to be?

Would the cartoons be nice and clear?

With fear and trembling, I lifted this first book from its packaging . . . and it was PERFECT!

First Copy of Inside Timmy's Mind

Deb with the first copy of Timmy Boyle’s new book. Hot off the presses.

For the next few hours, I found myself constantly reaching out to touch it and make sure it was real.

You may have guessed that I was just a teensy bit excited. Even now, as I glance at it on my desk, I get all warm and fuzzy.  🙂

Now, at long last, it’s your turn to get Inside Timmy’s Mind. With Timmy’s own brand of up-standing clean humour from start to finish, this book is suitable for the whole family and a definite day brightener. Add in some great illustrations by the very talented Dave Coleman, and you have a book you’ll want to share with others . . . except you won’t want to share it because you’ll want to read it again and again yourself. I’ve been living in Timmy’s mind for well over a year, and it still makes me laugh.

Or maybe I’ve just caught his type of insanity.

Inside Timmy’s Mind will be available through online stores sometime during the next six weeks. In the meantime, you can purchase copies here through our book store and book order pages. It is also available for special order through good bookstores.