Learning Curves and New Horizons

No one could ever call me impulsive. The road to Breath of Fresh Air Press has been over fifteen years in the making, with many detours, curves, and a lot of road work along the way.

There have also been numerous stops by the side of the road to check the map when the road ahead looked impassable. (Picture an overloaded Volkswagen Beetle about to drive onto an Indiana Jones-esque rope bridge. That CAN’T be the right direction . . . can it?)

Then there have been the times when that old VW stalled and I had to get out and push. It was either that or kick the tyres (yes, I’m an Australian and I spell it that way) and sit in the dust on the side of the road. Tempting, but I knew giving up was not an option this time around.

Through every detour, speed bump, curve and breakdown, my heart has stayed focused on the same goal—to take a message of love, grace, encouragement, and wisdom to men and women, using every form of media and communication available, so that they may believe in their God-given potential and rise up to take hold of the destiny He has prepared, in advance, for their lives.

This vision journey began as a writer. It changed lanes and turned a corner into editing. Then, finally (or at least, I think it’s final), it zipped onto the publishing motorway.

With the release of our first book, Inside Timmy’s Mind, we have reached our destination . . .

But then I hear that gentle whisper—Deb, you’ve just made it out of the city limits. The journey has only begun.

Hope you’ll come along for the ride. I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot of fun.

(And I promise not to make you drive over any rope bridges . . . well, maybe.)


  1. Learning curves and new horizons excellent

    You have not lost your writing skill, how about entering a faith writers challenge pure gold of course.

    • Thanks Mum. 🙂 As always, such an encouragement.

  2. Deb, I love your vision. Truly a breath of fresh air. May The Lord bless the work of your hands. A dose of reality done with humor and grace is just the cup of water we need to carry to a thirsty world.

    • Thank you so much, Sydney. You are such a blessing and encouragement. <3